Firma Bilgisi

Interprobe designs unique products, solutions, and services for the technological needs of every sector at different levels, especially for institutions and organizations with sensitive fields of activity.

We design and manufacture new generation technologies with our team of highly qualified engineers and experts. We provide real solutions working to add value to your business with our software that we constantly develop. 

We offer strategic solutions to all institutions and organizations operating in the global market through our headquarters in Ankara, our Istanbul Technopark branch, as well as our Azerbaijan, Qatar and Kazakhstan offices. We catch security technology trends with our R&D investments and attach importance to entering cooperation that promise value around the world.

We are responsible for the development and growth of our country, and we always carry out our work by holding on to this high goal. We create training and internship programs especially to increase the qualifications and abilities of our young graduates and university students. On the other hand, we allocate resources to give project support to young software developers.

Aranılan Özellikler

Mülakat Tarihi: 2 Mart Çarşamba

Mülakat Yapacağı Aday Sayısı: 25 

Mülakat Saati: 10.00'dan itibaren

Mülakat Süresi: Her aday için 25-30 dk.

Kriterler: 2.75 ortalamaya sahip Bilgisayar Mühendisliği, Yazılım Mühendisliği ve Matematik Bölümü 4. sınıf öğrencileri