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ICE is a European economic interest group (EEIG) active in International Development all over the World. ICE was established to maximize the strengths of its members ensuring the availability of a broad range of skills to the challenges of large Technical Assistance projects and projects from many different donors worldwide. ICE (International Consulting Expertise) is based in Brussels and the group has other 10 branch offices (covering the IPA and ACP countries) as well as 7 project offices around the world. ICE EEIG Group members are mainly specialized in the fields of strengthening the capacity of public and private institutions and agencies, design and delivery of training programmes and modules, skills development, implementation of communication activities, management and design of the operational programmes, awareness-raising, and event management and have successfully implemented numerous country-wide and region-wide projects around the world, including in Turkey. The company provides services in many different areas such as Civil Society, Governance, Labour Market and Employment, Migration, Transport, and Infrastructure, Health, Education and etc. 

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